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If there was ever a time in history where you could start earning a living from home then this would be it.

With the invention of the internet, it seems as if everything is at our finger tips.

We can find just about any information we might be looking for, where as in the past we used to have to go to a library and read through countless books to find what we were looking for.

I remember having to either go to my school library to research information or go 10 kilometers down the road to our public library to complete my research.

Moreover, I had to wade through what seemed like countless books, and encyclopedias just to get the information I needed for a project.

Given the internet, now all we have to do is type in our keyword phrase into our favorite search engine, on a topic we want, and hey presto the answer appears at our finger tips.

Dodgy Information

However, just because it appears on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that the information is correct.

In fact, in a lot of cases the information can be out dated and simply wrong.

The problem we face these days with information sourcing is different from the problems we faced in the past.

In the past we was difficult because we had to local a library that had the information we wanted, and then have to wade through the material to find what we were looking for.

But these days it is almost as difficult to do the same thing, and it’s because of one primary reason.

Anyone Can Publish Information

In the past, authors opinions and research only made it into books if they had some authority on the topic they featured in. This often lead to a well informed science based arguments, which was backed up by other authorities in that field.

The authors credibility was usually corroborated by other well known authors, thereby offering more weigh to the view points of the author.

However, just about anyone and their dog can put information online without any authority whatsoever.

This can lead to a lot of miss information, and view points that are ONLY opinion based and have no substance behind them.

The search engines work with an mathematical algorithm that is designed to display the most up to date information on topics from just about everyone and anyone. So this means that even though you might get a lot of information handed to you, not all of the information is credible.

Like book authors search engines endeavor to mimic the same authority pattern where they look for other credible authors to corroborated view points, however with all mathematical based intelligence there are vulnerabilities.

Finding The Right Information

Therefore nothing much has changed in terms of sourcing information.

We don’t have to go to a library anymore to find what we want, so that part has changed, however we still have to wade through countless number of articles and websites to corroborate the information.

Sometimes you’ll find a lot of conflicting information so it’s important to cross check information, with different authors, so that you can build up a big enough picture of the “true” story.

If you want to learn how to make money online then consider this.

Finding a Community With Shared Values

You can often fast track this process with a community of like minded people.

Often, these are referred to as forums.

The best forums are those that have a hive of active happening, this means that there is a consistent flow of information being shared on a specific topic.

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